The short-term rental management company in Sardinia

Renting your home on Airbnb or is a widespread phenomenon, but it involves many sacrifices.
Guests who cancel their stay at the last minute or  arrive late , unusual requests from tenants,  housekeeping management  and   complex paperwork are just some of the most common problems faced by those who rent their home on the main online portals.
Estay  is the new reality that aims to  revolutionize the universe of rentals in Sardinia.
Estay  was born from the need to  improve the management of accommodation facilities  of any type and aims to  unhinge the old concept of short rent , where the owner of the property takes on all the responsibilities and problems.
Thanks to our experience in the hotel sector,  we can guarantee real estate owners a real income , without them having to worry about anything.
We will take care of the  creation of the various accounts on the online portals , of  the home staging service  (professional photographic set), of the updating of rates ( revenue management ), of  cleaning  and of guest management.